Sensory Room

What is Sensory Stimulation in Aged Care?

By using certain objects, sensory stim- ulation can help seniors who are strug- gling to communicate and relate to the world around them. Other Benefits of sensory stimulation include: Improving cognitive symptoms and maintaining daily functions.

Sensory Therapy

Is an effective method for reducing anxiety,
calming nerves, and providing comfort. Seniors
use simple touch-based activities to occupy their hands and minds in safe soothing ways.

The sensory functions of elders declines as they grow older. Sensory activities improve the emotional and physical health of people living with dementia.

With our sensory room we offer a stress free environment, with soothing, relaxing music. Our recreation department provides our residents with small group program of sensory therapy.

Sensory Stimulation

Sensory Stimulation:

Can help improve the overall well-being of seniors?  It triggers positive memories and lowers anxiety.

Sensory stimulating activities can help reduce aggressive behaviors and gives a calming effect

  • Vision (visual)- Provides us with de- tails about what we see and helps us to define boundaries

  • Touch (Tactile)- Keeps us in contact with our survival and is one of our modes of commination. From head to toe, our skin helps us feel temperature, light touch, deep pressure, vibration, pain, and so much more.

  • Smell (Olfactory)- We use the sense of smell all the time. Flowery, pungent, musty, acrid, and putrid– we identify many things by their smells. Strong memories can also be tied to smells.

  • Hearing (Auditory)- Provides us with details about the sounds we hear such as volume, pitch, rhythm, tone, and sequence.